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A place for like minded Individuals who share the same style and taste in everything from Fashion to Fitness. Each page has a little something for everyone. Compiled with feeds from various sources, videos and blog posts with all links intact. Find something that tweeks your thought process and with one click be transported to a plethora of any particular topic of interest. And yes, *This Website contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking an ad link. It isn’t much but it pays for drinks. Now that that’s out of the way… LOOK, LISTEN, READ, ENJOY!

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Bodybuilders Stink: The Problem With Steroids & Body Odor

Bodybuilders Stink: The Problem With Steroids & Body Odor

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Josh Rubin Releases New Single “Surrender” Via Ncs

Josh Rubin Releases New Single “Surrender” via NCS

Josh Rubin has proven himself as a both a powerhouse vocalist and producer within electronic music. Josh has been consistently...
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A Urologist’S Guide To Safely Increasing The Size Of Your
Daily Living

A Urologist’s Guide To Safely Increasing The Size Of Your

Defined Creations is the Brand, the store, and the business that is sure to have what you need or looking...
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Chris Hayes Has Nightmares About Being Unprepared To Go On

Chris Hayes Has Nightmares About Being Unprepared to Go On

What ways do you have of processing that?The show itself. If I didn't get to say my piece on a...
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How To Talk About Having Kids With A Partner

How to Talk About Having Kids With a Partner

RIP Zelda. On Sunday, Seth Rogen announced that the dog he shared with wife Lauren had died. The couple’s Cavalier...
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 Is Brown Rice Protein A Source You Should Be Using?

 Is Brown Rice Protein a Source You Should Be Using?

by Matt Weik, BS, CSCS, CPT, CSN Looking to increase your protein intake but tired of the same old traditional...
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