PowerA MOGA XP7-X Plus — an Xbox Cloud Gaming controller

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132177 PowerA MOGA XP7-X Plus — an Xbox Cloud Gaming controller

PowerA has launched the Moga XP7-X Plus, a new Designed for Xbox controller for mobile and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Sean took the new controller for a spin and was left largely unimpressed. Here’s what he had to say.

When it comes to Xbox Cloud Gaming, I’ve always been happy using the simple-but-effective PowerA Moga Mobile Gaming Clip, which wraps around an Xbox pad and holds your phone in place — it’s not elegant by any stretch, but it does the job. When PowerA offered us the chance to check out its new feature-packed Moga XP7-X Plus Bluetooth Controller with all the bells and whistles, I jumped at the chance, but after several days with the pad, I ended up switching back to my trusty old clip.

The PowerA Moga XP7-X, priced at $99.99, is packed with features

The Moga XP7-X Plus for Android, on paper, is an impressive bit of kit that’s absolutely packed to the brim with features: Bluetooth, wireless phone charging (thanks to an integrated 2000mAh power bank), two programmable buttons, a USB wired mode — it even has a detachable stand so you can prop up your phone or tablet on a table and play that way. All of these fancy features make the controller seem like a tempting proposition, but for reasons I’ll get to shortly, I don’t think it justifies its $99.99 price tag.

My initial impressions of the Moga XP7-X Plus were positive. There’s some decent weight to the pad, and its grey and green colour scheme looks sleek, modern and really catches the eye. It features full-sized joysticks, all the usual buttons you’d see on a normal Xbox controller, and two extra programmable buttons located on the back grips. Sliding out the included stand allows you to extend both halves of the controller to slot in your phone. Surprisingly, the Moga XP7-X Plus just managed to fit my massive Samsung S22 Ultra, but it was right on the absolute limit.

PowerA MOGA XP7-X Plus hands-on
I began testing out the Moga XP7-X Plus with some PowerWash Simulator via Xbox Cloud Gaming using Bluetooth, and immediately, I could tell something was off. The joysticks, D-pad, and face buttons all feel excellent (more on the triggers and bumpers in a bit) and work well with little-to-no latency, but the controller as a whole is incredibly uncomfortable. The grips/handles where your palms rest on the XP7-X Plus are a fair bit smaller than a normal Xbox controller, and after about an hour, my hands were beginning to cramp and ache. Now, your experience may differ with this, but my hands are (I think) of average size, so unless you’ve got small hands, you’re probably going to encounter the same problems as me.

The size of the hand grips also impacts the two extra programmable buttons. When holding the controller, they sit awkwardly between my middle and ring fingers, and to actually use them, I had to shift my hands all over the place to try and get a comfortable hold. Now, this could be down to my hand size again, so your mileage may vary, but in my opinion, the Moga XP7-X Plus probably would have been better off without these, as for me, they were pretty much useless.

Picking back up the XP7-X Plus later on to play some Forza Horizon 5, my phone was running out of juice, so I hit the handy charging switch that kicks in the controller’s wireless charging. The wireless charger is excellent and a feature that not many other controllers like this have. It allowed me to carry on exploring the streets of Mexico without having to take my phone out of the cradle and charge it up — it obviously won’t fully charge your battery, but it will get you out of a pinch if you’re low. You can then top back up the power bank using the Micro USB port on the top.

132178 PowerA MOGA XP7-X Plus — an Xbox Cloud Gaming controller
Another gripe I have with the Moga XP7-X Plus is the controller’s bumpers and triggers. The triggers feel spongy and aren’t all that pleasant to use, and while the bumpers are clicky and tactile, my left bumper soon jammed, rendering it unusable. I’m not exactly sure when or how it happened as the controller has only moved from my bed to my desk each day, so it’s not taken any big knocks. I didn’t want to take the unit apart, so I resorted to prying it up with a screwdriver, and while it is now usable, something still feels off about the bumper. This debacle leads me to the overall build quality of the Moga XP7-X Plus. The joysticks, buttons, and D-pad all feel great, but it’s the general construction of the controller that worries me. Once you slide out the included stand, there is so much flex between the two halves of the controller, and after slotting in your phone, that flex still remains — it feels fragile and like it could snap with the slightest amount of pressure. I can’t imagine this thing surviving even the smallest of drops or doing well rustling around in a backpack. The build quality between the Moga XP7-X Plus and the Nacon MG-X mobile controller is night and day. In the hands with a phone in place, the Nacon MG-X feels rock solid, which gives me a sense of confidence. The Moga XP7-X Plus twists and bends all over the place, and I don’t feel as if it would last you any decent length of time.

It’s not fun being so critical and down on a product that people have clearly spent a lot of time designing and producing, but unfortunately, I don’t think the Moga XP7-X Plus warrants its $99.99 price tag. While the controller’s wireless phone charging is excellent, and its joysticks and face buttons all feel and work flawlessly, the build quality and overall design of the Moga XP7-X Plus really let it down. Youre probably better off forgoing the extra features of the XP7-X Plus and picking up something more sturdy for a cheaper price.

Do you have a PowerA MOGA XP7-X Plus controller? Let us know your thoughts on the pad down in the comments.

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