Back 4 Blood’s third DLC adds Jeff, your very own

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back 4 blood river of blood dlc announcement Back 4 Blood's third DLC adds Jeff, your very own

Turtle Rock Studios has announced River of Blood, the third expansion for its infected-slaying FPS, Back 4 Blood. The DLC adds new missions, a cleaner, skins, weapons, cards, and a Ridden Tallboy companion named Jeff.

River of Blood will launch on December 6th alongside the Back 4 Blood Holiday Event for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and other consoles. The new content will offer a new story campaign across five missions, a host of customisation items, and the new Cleaner, Tala, who comes with her own Ridden Tallboy called Jeff. As well as the DLC, a free update will roll out, which will make the Trial of the Worm game mode freely accessible to all Back 4 Blood players.

Back 4 Blood’s Trial of the Worm game mode will be free-to-play from December

back 4 blood river of blood dlc announcement Back 4 Blood's third DLC adds Jeff, your very own
Following the likes of Tunnels of Terror and Children of the Worm, River of Blood is the third story-based expansion for Back 4 Blood. With it, you’ll have access to five additional story-driven missions, which will see you and your team of Cleaners travelling upriver and stopping in various locations to gather supplies and fight off the Ridden threats. You’ll be able to have Tala join your team for the journey, an outcast cultist turned Cleaner who can summon her very own Tallboy companion when the need arises. Named Jeff, the Ridden brute will come to your aid when Tala blows her whistle, pummeling any enemy unfortunate enough to get in his way. Much like the other expansions, River of Blood will also come packaged with a number of new cosmetic items, cards, weapons, and more.

Additionally, a free update will be arriving alongside the DLC, which prominently opens the Trial of the Worm game mode to all Back 4 Blood players. It’s a co-op mode that tasks you with choosing your path down a four-map chain to earn Supply Points — you can boost your supply points, and the difficulty, by adding some Corruption Modifiers to the mix.

If that seems a little too serious for your tastes, then the knowledge that the Back 4 Blood Holiday Event arrives on the same day might fill you with some cheer. Fort Hope will be decorated in line with the festive season and swathes of holiday-themed skins, emblems, weapon skins, and sprays will be available for you to collect.

Back 4 Blood is available with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, although you’ll need to purchase the Annual Pass or each expansion separately if you’d like to tackle the additional content. Check out our list of confirmed titles coming to Game Pass in 2022 and beyond for a look at only some of the cool experiences that are on the way.

Will you be paddling upstream when River of Blood launches next month? Let us know down below!

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