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After the holiday shopping rush of November and December, looking for a good deal might be the last thing on your mind in January—but it shouldn’t be. The post-holiday shopping season is full of discounted products that didn’t sell as well as expected—plus sales on items that might help you achieve those lofty New Year’s resolutions. Here are the things you should consider buying (and a few you should not buy) in January that go beyond the heavily discounted holiday decor you’re already tired of.

Fitness gear and gym memberships

Unsurprisingly, many gyms and retail stores that sell gym equipment will have deals for those seeking to get more active in 2023. If you need to upgrade your work-from-home gym, or want to sign up for a gym membership, this is the month to do it. Equipment like toning ropes, yoga blocks, and medicine balls should all be easy to find for less than $25, and other equipment like dumbbells, pull-up bars, and exercise bikes will be heavily discounted. For gym membership deals, ask your local gyms for discounted memberships, waived sign-up fees, or extra perks for free, such as access to the sauna room or massage chairs.

Tech gadgets and televisions

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) takes place every January to showcase the latest tech breakthroughs. Because of this, retailers usually sell their now-old TV models, laptops, and other tech gadgets at discounted prices to make room for the shiny new products. Keep an eye on Target, BestBuy, and Amazon for deals on any older models of products the CES showcases.

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Winter clothing

By the time January rolls around, retailers are starting to look to get rid of their winter inventory by giving you deals on cold-weather goods. Search for coats, hoodies, and sweaters at Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, and Men’s Warehouse for their winter sales.

What not to buy in January

As President’s Day approaches on Feb. 20, sales will start anew in “celebration.” Things like mattresses and major appliances are often discounted then, so it’s best to hold off if you’re in the market for a larger purchase like that for your home. February is also the prime time for jewelry sales, thanks to Valentine’s Day, so wait to buy anything extra sparkly then. Items that are traditionally hot for spring, such as luggage, are better priced in March and April, so don’t go shopping for those until the weather starts warming up again.

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