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Meetkai Promo How Conversational Ai Meetkai Is Pushing Content Creation Forward

MeetKai is the only company to fuse AI, metaverse and blockchain IP.

Meetkai Reality Still How Conversational Ai Meetkai Is Pushing Content Creation Forward(Meetkai)

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Meetkai, a conversational AI and metaverse startup based in LA, aims to shape the future of AI with a series of products and features that bring the real world into smarter virtual spaces.

During CES 2023, Meetkai introduced next-generation AI solutions like MeetKai Reality, a highly advanced, virtual space software platform that can digitize a room with just clicks on common devices. The software leverages state of the art AI to allow anyone to create a 3D replica of any real world location with a regular video recorded in seconds. MeetKai Reality is also accessible on any device, like smartphones or tablets, as long as there’s an internet connection and a camera. 

Meetkai co-founder and executive chairwoman Weili Dai believes that AI’s will become more prevalent in the future by introducing productive and fun experiences that will revolutionize content creation as we know it.

Meetkai’s Innovations Are For Everyone To Use

Nike Still 1 How Conversational Ai Meetkai Is Pushing Content Creation Forward(Meetkai)

In the near future, users will not only replicate their favorite places in the metaverse, but MeetKai Editor will help users create new virtual spaces, utilizing a user-friendly editor platform where anyone can create their own metaverse content. Brands and companies are, of course, already using these tools to create new spaces and experiences as well; but Weili’s promise is that all of them will always be available on the browser, so users from different backgrounds can access without the need for pricey headsets. MeetKai today is the only company to fuse AI, metaverse and blockchain IP, compatible with all platforms and no hardware requirements. 

Weili, the driving force behind MeetKai, is a successful entrepreneur with an unparalleled vision for the metaverse. She has been listed in the “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” and in 2022, among “America’s Richest Self-Made Women.”

Weili Dai How Conversational Ai Meetkai Is Pushing Content Creation Forward(Meetkai)

After founding and leading the semiconductor multinational Marvell Technology for over 20 years, Weili isn’t just back to lead the AI industry with MeetKai. Her family has invested over half a billion to cultivate a disruptive ecosystem that she refers to as her “Mini Bell Labs”—a fond reference to “Bell Labs” from her Berkeley student days.

Weili mentors and leads more than a dozen companies with tech solutions that improve quality of life, increase productivity, and add daily value to users worldwide. In the AI industry, MeetKai, co-founded by James Kaplan, has recently created the first cloud offering to enable knowledge-driven Virtual Humans—capable of instantly interacting with users at a fraction of the cost and ten times the speed—using industry-first real-time reasoning capabilities.

Meetkai Logo How Conversational Ai Meetkai Is Pushing Content Creation Forward(Meetkai)

MeetKai is exhibited MeetKai Cloud AI, Reality, and Editor as some of the most exciting innovations of Weili Dai’s portfolio at CES 2023.

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