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Ffxiv Patch 6.35 Everything New At A Glance Ffxiv Patch 6.35: Everything New At A Glance

Another Final Fantasy XIV 6.3 minipatch has gone live, bringing exciting new content to the game such as the addition of a new Deep Dungeon, Loporrit Tribal quests, Hildebrand questline updates, and relics of both combat and crafting alike. But just how much new stuff is added to the game? Here’s a breakdown of FFXIV Patch 6.35, with everything new at a glance.

FFXIV Patch 6.35: New Content

With the arrival of 6.35 comes:

  • Eureka Orthos, a new Deep Dungeon following the likes of Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-high before it.
  • Loporrit Tribal Quests.
  • Another batch of Somehow Further Hildebrand Adventures quests.
  • Manderville Relic Weapon update quests.
  • Splendorous tools quests.

Everything new: Items

  • The Amazing Manderville relic weapon set.
  • The Splendorous set for Disciple of Hand and Land classes.
  • A set of accessories for the new Deep Dungeon.
  • Several new indoor and outdoor furniture items.
  • Four Triple Triad Cards.
  • Four fish.
  • To accommodate the new crafting relics, new gathering nodes added to four of the six Shadowbringer maps.
  • New Crafting recipes, including those for the Loporrit questline, Splendorous tools, and Collectible recipes for the House of Splendors.
  • Three new mounts.
  • Five new Orchestrion Rolls.
  • Two new minions.
  • A new medicine item for use in Eureka Orthos.
  • One new emote.
  • Modern Aesthetics- A Close Shave, a new hairstyle for all races, even Viera and Hrothgar.

Ffxiv Patch 6.35 Everything New At A Glance Eureka Orthos

Image via Square Enix

Miscellaneous additions and adjustments

  • Many new achievements related to completion of Loporrit Tribal quests, Eureka Orthos, Splendorous tools and Relic Weapons, but also a new Triple Triad card collection achievement.
  • Timeworn kumbhiraskin maps are replaced by Timeworn ophiotauroskin maps as a reward from Wondrous Tails.
  • You can choose ‘Rotation’ in ‘Character Preview’ as a Camera Control setting under ‘Character Configuration.’
  • Instances added to Mor Dhona, Thavnair, and Mare Lamentorum to account for the new content traffic.

Server Status

As with every patch, the servers have been rebalanced.

  • The Crystal Data Center is no longer completely congested, with every server but Mateus and Balmung now set to standard again.
  • Aether’s changed Faerie and Siren to congested, but Gilgamesh and Jenova no longer are.
  • Primal has a couple of new congested servers in Behemoth and Exodus, but at least Excalibur, Hyperion, and Leviathan aren’t anymore.
  • For the EU Data Centers, the servers Ragnarok and Phoenix are congested, but Shiva is back to standard.
  • Over in the Japanese Data Centers, Mana is completely shut down, with Anima and Asura changed to congested.
  • Elemental is now completely free, with Garuda and Carbuncle back to standard, and Aegis and Gungir now a preferred world.
  • Gaia has changed Alexander and Durandal to preferred.

That is everything new at a glance in FFXIV patch 6.35. The next question is simple: what will you do first?

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