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Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora: Release Date, Gameplay, And Story Details

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment’s much-anticipated open-world action-adventure game — here’s what we know so far…

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora looks to be one of 2023’s major games. While we’ve got several months still to wait, we thought we’d put together a run-down of everything we know about the open-world action-adventure game so far, which we could keep updated whenever Ubisoft shares new tidbits of Avatar info. Let’s dive in…

What is Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora?

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is an upcoming first-person open-world action-adventure game, featuring a new standalone story, set in Pandora. It’s developed by Ubisoft studio Massive Entertainment in collaboration with Disney and James Cameron’s company Lightstorm Entertainment.

What’s the Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora release date?

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora launches on December 7 2023.

Will Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora be on Xbox One?

No — Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will launch for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.

What’s it about?

The game overview trailer covered a lot of story info. The game is set after the first Avatar film, and we learn that the RDA moves to the Western Frontier, where John Mercer (an RDA leader) abducts several Na’vi children, including our character, with the idea of raising them to fight against their own people. The Battle of the Hallelujah Mountains interrupts their efforts, and the RDA’s orders are to kill all the Na’vi children. The children are saved by their teacher, who puts them all into cryosleep for 15 years. When we wake up, we have to immerse ourselves back into Na’vi culture to gain the trust of the clans and have them help in the fight against the RDA.

What’s the gameplay and combat like?

You can do the story campaign solo or in two-player co-op. A big part of that story is our character having been abducted and brought up by the RDA, and then returned to the Na’vi, so a key gameplay aspect is implementing those different combat styles. We’ll have Na’vi weapons like the longbow and staff sling for traps, as well as RDA equipment such as assault rifles, shotguns, and even rocket launchers.

Na’vi are shown to be much stronger than humans and with keener instincts, which makes the usual Ubisoft “scan for enemies” superpower seem a little more reasonable. You can highlight enemies and check for their weak points, while your physical strength also comes into play; the game overview trailer shows a Na’vi physically ripping a human out of their AMP unit. There will also be aerial combat with your ikran (which you can name, feed, and customise), like in both the movies. You’ll be able to craft gear and weapons, and make and cook meals “to get stronger.”

We can take down RDA settlements scattered across Pandora’s Western Frontier too. These settlements won’t just be a visual element, either, as aside from wanting to get rid of RDA invaders, clearing settlements and their pollution brings another bonus for your character: you can get higher-quality resources again. Speaking to Press Start, creative director Magnus Jensen says the RDA’s pollution is tied to the gameplay as it “shuts down Na’vi camps you’d otherwise access for missions and gear… that same pollution can also taint something you might really want for crafting or cooking.”

Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora
With some Ubisoft games, like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, showering you in loot and new gear to haul around Ancient Greece, associate game director Rechner says (in an interview with Digital Trends) that Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora has an “ethos of quality over quantity.” Rechner explains how players will learn alongside their character about “what it means to exist in harmony with Eywa and Pandora. And so it was really important for us to ensure we had this ethos of quality over quantity,” adding, “it’s not about hoarding and taking everything you see. It’s about finding the best of it. We didn’t want to completely deprive nature of all its resources; we wanted to only take exactly what we needed to exist. That was a really important aspect of the game and it’s how you upgrade your gear and make yourself stronger.”

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora looks to let you manage your skills by conversing with Eywa through the Tarsyu plant, with the benefit of all your ancestors’ memories. Skill upgrades affect things like traversal, hunting, fighting, weapon handling, and your mounts.

Can we customize our character?

Yes — Ubisoft’s Lucy O’Brien confirmed our character will be customizable, and that we’ll be able to choose between different options for things like body types, voices, and body paint.Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

What’s the world like?

Pandora is massive — the movies show us it’s much, much bigger than Earth — but more specifically, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is set on the Western Frontier, a “never-before-seen” area. There will be different regions and biomes to explore, such as the Kinglor Forest; “a lush rainforest brimming with life and dense vegetation, in the shade of awe-inspiring floating mountains.” This forest is home to the peaceful Aranahe clan of weavers, and it sounds as though this clan will be key to our re-education about Na’vi life — they will apparently take us on our first hunt and also our first flight, as they take us to the Rookery to find and bond with our ikran.

North of there are the grasslands of the Upper Plains, where the “nomadic” Zeswa clan live. They’re described as living there in “symbiosis with gigantic beasts called zakru.” We know the Na’vi have a strong bond with Pandora’s creatures, and Avatar: The Way of Water shows us that the Metkayina clan have a similar relationship with the whale-like tulkun, although they seem to come and go as they migrate. Like the Aranahe clan, the Zeswa will apparently teach us an important lesson, as they’ll help us learn to ride direhorses.

Then in the West is the Clouded Forest of the Kame’tire, a clan of healers. This makes them sound peaceful like the Aranahe, but intriguingly the Kame’tire are described as having “their own dark reasons to stay hidden.”

Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora Snowdrop
All of those regions look lush and colorful with the Na’vi thriving. “It’s going to Pandora and stepping into the screen. To me, it’s an immersion vehicle, an escapism machine. Being able to go there and be immersed, that has a lot of value. And in the first-person perspective, it’s the most immersed and close you can possibly be to something. You go up and they react to your touch,” says Jensen. “And it’s not just the animals that react. Plants react, and the whole world is living and simulated, it pushes back. So the first-person perspective was a natural choice for us.” However, along with all that vibrancy, there will also be RDA facilities scarring the landscape too.

It won’t be just the land we’ll be exploring, either. Our Ikran looks to be a key part in helping us explore Pandora’s skies and according to Jensen, we’re left pretty unrestrained in where we can fly to. Jensen explains that aside from mission or story moments where you might temporarily be unable to fly, “You can fly absolutely anywhere… in general, everything you see in those trailers you can fly to.” What’s more, Rechner said that we can go “even higher” than the canopy and can head to the Floating Mountains, which featured heavily in the first Avatar movie. “Anything you can see, you can go to. So you can land on the Floating Mountains and maybe some level designers put some cool things up there for you to find. We’ll have to see!”

Any news on the Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora achievements?

We don’t yet have the Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora achievements, but we’ll keep you updated.

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