Img 9615D What’s Your Least Favorite Food?

I have tried and can eat most foods. Granted, I’d prefer not to have a second taste of some foods, but I could eat them. All except for one thing…olives.

Me and Olives Will Never Be Besties

I grew up in an old-school home where you had to eat what was on your plate or sit there until you did, which meant I ate a lot of things as a kid that I’d prefer never to eat again. (This also meant my super-picky sister spent a lot of time sitting at the table long after the meal ended—until we got a dog. Then, somehow, the food often disappeared from her plate. I dunno, it remains a mystery…)

I vividly remember the first time I tried the dreaded olive. It was at a neighbor’s picnic. They had the usual food spread out, which included a cold-cut tray and a relish tray. I love pickles, so I made a beeline for those tasty treats, and I noticed the black olives there. The other kids were putting them on their fingers before eating them, so of course, I thought. What fun! True finger foods! 

Following suit, I lined up the fingers on my hand and popped an olive in my mouth. Needless to say, the fun of these finger foods ended quickly for me.

The Princess and the Olive

Olives are in a lot of dishes. A lot! So over the years, I tried to overcome my dislike for olives mainly because my hubby and my kids love olives. But to no avail. My hubby insisted my dislike was in my head, that there was no way I could resist something he adored. Then one day, I validated that it wasn’t all in my head. 

I’d purchased a new frozen dinner, but as soon as I took the first bite, I realized I didn’t like it. It tasted horrible. Was something wrong with the dinner? 

I examined the box, but the expiration date was long off. I looked at the photo on the front; all the ingredients sounded tasty. I took another bite—bleh. 

I couldn’t eat it, even though I was at work and had nothing to eat. I flipped over the box and reviewed the ingredients. As I neared the last items and there it was—olive paste.

I later pointed out to my hubby that me and olives were like the story of the Princess and the Pea. The princess could detect a pea buried under the mattresses. Apparently, I could do the same with an olive in a dish.

Do You Have a Least Favorite Food?

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What’s Your Least Favorite Food?

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