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Alien Dbd 1 Dead By Daylight Alien Trailer Welcomes The Xenomorph &Amp; Ripley,

Behaviour Interactive only teased the Xenomorph’s arrival in Dead by Daylight. The newest trailer is a bit more insightful, as it contains a release date and the reveal that Ellen Ripley will be a playable character, too.

The Dead by Daylight Alien DLC release date is soon

Ripley and the Xenomorph are coming out on August 29 when the Dead by Daylight Alien DLC drops across the litany of platforms the asymmetric horror title is on. It’s unclear how much it will cost since Behaviour didn’t disclose that information and Dead by Daylight DLC varies wildly in price. Those who want an early glimpse can also download the DLC on the Public Test Build on PC right now.

The Xenomorph is quite a unique killer and has unique powers to back it up, as explained on the official patch notes for the Public Test Build. It is an overall stealthy predator that can activate Runner Mode that lets it walk on four legs, which reduces its Terror Radius and visibility. Maps also get tunnels when the Xenomorph is in play, giving it a different way to get around. This includes the new Nostromo Wreckage map that stars the ship of the original film.

And while that seems like a pretty big advantage for the Xenomorph player, survivors can also now interact with new stations around the map to get access to a remote flame turret that sprays the beast when it steps into the weapon’s line of sight. These can only be used against the Xenomorph, meaning it won’t be possible to melt Leatherface with one. The turret can also overheat and be destroyed, so it has drawbacks, as well.

Ripley also has a few tricks up her sleeve. Her Lucky Star ability activates when players hide in a locker and makes it so she doesn’t leave pools of blood or grunt in pain for 10 seconds. Exiting the locker also highlights the closest survivors working on a generator for 10 seconds. Chemical Trap activates when players get above 50% on a generator and makes it so players can put a trap on a dropped pallet. It stays active for up to two minutes and slows the killer if they trigger it. Light Footed is her final perk and it makes her footsteps quite when she is healthy.

This is just another horror movie icon that has come to Dead by Daylight. The asymmetric online game has had characters from Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm StreetScream, Saw, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Hellraiser. Dead by Daylight has also enlisted some legends from horror television shows like Ash vs. Evil Dead and Stranger Things, as well as other game franchises like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. And while not from any one franchise, it recently received DLC that added acclaimed actor Nicolas Cage to the game as himself.

Players have been asking for the Xenomorph for some time, as its one of the most noteworthy horror creatures in media. Some thought an Alien announcement was coming in April for Alien Day, and there were pieces of evidences that loosely pointed in that direction, but that did not come to pass.

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