Bumble Speed Dating 01 Bumble Speed Dating Faq'S: How Does It Work, Is It Worth It?

Bumble Speed Dating Can’t Find Anyone: Speed Dating On Bumble, Bumble Speed Dating Doesn’t Work

Bumble speed dating is not used by everyone and similarly, you have to be in a populated area to have enough people in your area for it to be worth your time.


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In order to do well on Bumble Speed Dating, you need to be ready. If you stall, don’t know what to say, look kind of raggedy or look uninterested or sound boring, you will likely not do well. 

I recommend folks practice first before using the function. They can work on their voice (get feedback on tone, intonation), take improv classes (to help them think on their feet), immerse themselves in local news, culture, arts, music and other subject (if you are a boring person with no hobbies, hard to keep up conversations).

-Get a good light ring (avoid raccoon eyes)

-Clean your room/apt

-Make sure you have a strong wifi connection

-Avoid holding the phone (usually the closer you phone is to your face, the wider/more distorted it will look

-Show more than your floating head (should be at least down to your chest if not your belly button area

You can send gifs but then that would require you to look away and feel like you are not paying attention (not recommended). You also have the option of playing the questions game (feels lazy, unoriginal, also not recommended). 


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You have to go with you know or can infer from the photos, bio, prompts, background in the video or appearance. In my coaching sessions we will go over things for you to practice, materials to watch/read, where to look and how to create an approachable environment to increase conversation starters.