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Screenshot 476 E1689621907319 Picking The Best Branch Managers In Dave The Diver

Being a master with a harpoon and a hot shot with a camera isn’t enough for Dave the Diver. He also has to be the modern-day Ramsey in the kitchen industry too. Dave the Diver takes things to the next level with his Sushi restaurant when he decides to open up multiple branches that require only the best branch managers. The world isn’t ready for the revolution that is Bancho Sushi.

Best Branch Managers in Dave the Diver

When you’re looking for a branch manager, you need someone that can do it all. A jack-of-all-trades, if you will. A branch manager must be just at home in the kitchen as they are pouring beers and clearing tables. Without both skills, whichever branch they’re managing will be lacking, and nobody wants anything but the best in Dave the Diver. Here are the two that I think are the best for the two extra branches you can open in Dave the Diver.

Bear in mind that the extra branches won’t be available until after the Banchos Ordeal mission.

Best Branch Managers In Dave The Diver

Screenshot by PC Invasion


He’s your number-one pick for branch managers, so don’t forget about Drae. He is easily the best pick in Dave the Diver, as he can hit a comfortable 800+ in both service and cookery skills when leveled right up to 20. This is exactly what you want from a branch manager as they fly between floors and pass, nailing it as they go. He will be available when you put out the 400 gold internet advertisements.


This guy is your second choice. Not as fly as Drae but still a good pick if Drae isn’t available. He will hit a comfortable 500+ in both kitchen and floor skills at level 20, which is more than enough to run a good sushi restaurant. You won’t have Ramsey shutting you down with him in control, but you might not see quite the same results as the best branch managers. See who turns up in your staff recruitment in Dave the Diver.


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