5 Perfect Yoga Poses If Your Just Starting Out


If you are completely new to
yoga, there are particular postures that are needed for you to learn so that you can feel safe in a course or practicing by yourself at home. These newbie yoga poses can help you develop a strong foundation and discover a like for the practice.

As a yoga newbie, you might sense overwhelmed by the sheer amount of poses and their odd-sounding titles. Relax-your yoga practice is really a lifelong pursuit, providing you plenty of time to understand scores of postures.

In yoga we understand a discipline of your body which happens of consciousness and attentiveness, tuning directly into our body’s subtle power flows and the life-providing rhythm of our breathing. The theory is that through getting into deeper and subtly into our bodily experience, we are able to become more linked to ourselves, even more grounded, and much less swayed by anxieties or neurotic cravings for items that won’t truly satisfy us. This is often a very positive impact on our lifestyle, providing an antidote to the alienated rushing and disconnection from ourselves that characterizes a lot of our modern world. Look over more in regards to a Beginner’s Tutorial to

As you progress, it is possible to take on more difficult poses but it’s wise to help keep things simple if you are just beginning .The Beginners yoga poses outlined listed below are valuable enough to help keep you occupied for a long period.

Yoga utilizes all muscles, and that means it is a fantastic workout. It’s ideal for everyone-from beginners to superior practitioners. Listed below are five beginner yoga poses that can be done to start your entire day right!

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Yoga Pose

Mountain Pose

This pose appears easy, because it’s simply standing. But it’s the foundation for all your other position poses and inversions. This can be a good time to discuss alignment, which is just how that your areas of the body are ideally organized in each pose. The alignment in mountain pose draws a direct range from the crown of one’s check out your heels, with the shoulders and pelvis stacked across the line. Every body differs, so concentrate on rooting down together with your feet and lengthening up together with your spine.


Stand together with your big toes hardly touching, as well as your heels slightly apart. A sensible way to gauge your stance would be to see if your next toes are parallel.

Press into all corners of one’s feet: big toe, little toe, right aspect heel, left aspect heel. As you force into your feet, experience how that engages your complete leg and continues those muscles active.

Take a breath and roll your shoulders upward and back again, releasing them down, which means that your neck are resting toward one another as well as your neck is long.

Have a few deep breaths right here. Close your eyes if you want.


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Yoga Pose

Tree Pose

Tree pose is an excellent launch to balancing postures. In the event that you feel yourself starting to topple, you can come out of it easily. Do not develop a counterbalance by jutting your hip out aside on your own standing leg. Concentrate your gaze on an area on to the floor, and consider varying foot opportunities to see what really works for you personally: Heel resting reduced on ankle, on a block, or above or below the knee.


Begin in mountain pose together with your toes jointly and heels slightly aside.

Bring your correct foot to the inner thigh of one’s still left leg. Squeeze your foot and inner thigh jointly. The knee of one’s right leg ought to be turned out as well as your right thigh facing straight down toward the bottom at a 45-level angle.

Once you’ve found balance, lift the hands to the prayer placement before your chest (as demonstrated), or up overhead if that seems better for you.

Keep your gaze centered on a fixed point before one to help stay balanced.

Hold for 5-10 breaths, after that switch sides.

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Yoga Pose

Downward Facing Dog

This pose stretches hamstrings, upper body and lengthens the backbone, providing additional blood circulation to the head. It’ll leave you experience energized. Take a seat on your heels, extend your arms ahead on the
Yoga mat and decrease your head. Form a desk, like pushing the hands, strengthening your hip and legs and gradually raising your hips. Push your heels straight down, let your mind hand openly and tighten your waist.


Come on to all or any fours together with your wrists under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Tuck under your toes and raise your hips up off the ground as you pull them up at back again towards your heels.

Keep your knees somewhat bent if your hamstrings are usually tight, otherwise try to deal with your legs while maintaining your hips back. Walk the hands forward to provide yourself more length if you want to.

Press firmly during your palms and rotate the inner elbows towards one another. Hollow out the abdominals and maintain engaging your legs to help keep the torso moving back again towards the thighs. Keep for 5-8 breaths before dropping back again to fingers and knees to relax.

Yoga Pose

Upward-Facing Dog

Is frequently practiced in sequence with downward dealing with dog pose. This is a effective pose that awakens upper-body strength and will be offering an excellent stretch for the upper body and abdomen.


Lie on your belly on the mat . Extend your legs back again, with the tops of one’s foot on the mat. Bend your elbows and distribute your palms on the mat beside your waistline.

Inhale and push your inner fingers firmly in to the mat After that straighten your hands and concurrently lift your upper body up as well as your legs a few ins off the mat.

Pull your shoulders back again, squeeze your neck, and tilt your mind toward the ceiling, to start your chest.


Yoga Pose

Low Plank Pose

This is a
yoga posture where the entire body is held off the bottom, face down and backed by the palms and toes. From plank pose, your body is kept direct and parallel to the bottom as the elbows are usually bent to correct angles, keeping them near to the body. Your body shifts forward to keep the alignment in the shoulders and hands.


Begin in Plank Pose together with your palms flat on to the floor, hands shoulder-width apart, shoulders stacked straight above your wrists, hip and legs extended, and core involved.

Slowly reduce to a minimal Plank by bending your elbows, maintaining them tucked in near to the side of your entire body, until they form 90-degree angles.

Keep for 1 breath. Want more from A State of Mind (the blog)  Top 5 Benefits of Smartwatches

Generally, this pose is accompanied by Upward-Facing Dog, another pose with this list.

Hopefully learning these simple yoga poses for novices has inspired one to have a stab at the planet of yoga! Keep in mind, you don’t need to strive to be considered a master, or to eventually reach sophisticated poses. Yoga ought to be for you just what you will need it to be. You may make allowances and adjustments for just about any physical problems you have, or it is possible to simply utilize it as healthy mental rest. If you want some Great mediation music while you pose or to relax to, try
Defined Meditations. There are also some nice quotes from famous people, activists and historical figures that will Inspire you as you focus the mind. Leave a comment with your favorite quote and connect with us on Facebook.




  1. The yoga mat arrived quickly. I used it today for the first time. It’s very pretty but the design began chipping off on the first use. I bought it because of the design. It looks used and old after 1 use. With that said, the mat itself is amazing. I did not slip at all. This is the first yoga mat I have found where I don’t slip when doing moves. I guess I will need to try it with the pretty side down.Update to my post. Trideer is a great company to work with. They saw that my mat was peeling and sent me another one. The new one is amazing. I’ve used it 3 times and no peeling. I love that it does not move while I’m using it. I highly recommend this yoga mat.

  2. Super lightweight and compact, the perfect addition to your at home gym/yoga practice. Non slip and fold up easy, even comes with a slim rope so you can throw it over your shoulder on the go. Beautiful color options, good quality, reasonably priced and easy to clean and care for.

  3. I love the design on this mat and have gotten lots of compliments on it… sadly after just a months use, it’s ripped from doing warrior poses.Update: I am SO impressed with this company!! I didn’t even contact them but they listen to heir customers—- a rare event these days!! They sent me a new mat and it’s perfect!

  4. The mat functions alright, though the material is harder than I thought it would be and doesn’t want to roll/unroll terribly well. Unfortunately, it’s utility is overshadowed by the nauseating smell from the material. I thought maybe once I aired it out for a while it would improve. That has not proven to be true. Having a mat the smells so bad that it makes you nauseous is not conducive to practicing yoga. I will never buy another product from this company.

  5. I love this yoga mat. It is definitely no slip. There’s a tacky substance on the patterned side that keeps your feet and hands from slipping. There is a slight plastic smell – it was fairly strong in the beginning but it has mostly dissipated. I can still smell it faintly when my face is on the mat, though – so if that’s a concern of yours, just be aware. I haven’t had any fading like the one pic – and I can’t imagine how chunks of the mat flaked off unless you had cheese graters strapped to your feet. I’ve been using it almost daily for two months and haven’t noticed much wear at all. Overall I highly recommend it.

  6. I have purchased cheaper mats but they have been slippery and have fallen apart quickly. This mat is sticky enough to keep me balanced at yoga and I love it. It’s the perfect thickness – I don’t feel the need to turn over the edges to do my workout on my knees. I love this yoga mat. Would recommend it completely!

  7. I have wood floors so a standard waffle yoga mat was not going to give me enough comfort to be on my knees or laying on my back to do crunches. I ordered this mat and have been satisfied so far. The mat is thick, comfortable, and makes my workout easier. It has plenty of grip so that it does not move or slip while it is on the floor.The mat is also long enough to accommodate a taller person; I am 5’7″ and have plenty of length to lay flat and not have my feet or head hanging off of it. So far the mat has good memory and does not appear to loose its thickness and become flat. If you are a heavier person, I believe this mat will give you the cushion you need between you and the floor.The only tricky part is putting it back in its storage bag! It took a couple times to figure it out, but I finally got it down.TIP: When you are ready to store it, start at the very edge length wise of the mat, tightly roll it from the middle, pressing it against yourself. Don’t worry about the edges not being even, get the center tightly rolled, slip the bottom into the bag and slip it on. Once you get most of the mat in, tap the bottom, or flip it and tap it on the other end, and it will slip right back on.

  8. So I am using this as an exercise mat more than a yoga mat. For that purpose I find it exactly what I wanted so far. My last mat was crumbling apart with every use. I wear shoes when I use these so I wanted a mat that would hold up better and be thicker. The end is curled as it came rolled up but I am storing it rolled the opposite way and will see if that helps. After one use there was a scuff mark (the pictures were right after I cleaned it with a wipe so most of the marks are just wet spots) but I expected that since I wore shoes. Will update if it does fall apart or anything but right now it’s perfect ☆☆☆☆☆

  9. I have recently taken up yoga, and had been using a friend’s mats, really expensive mats, and they all killed my knees and bones. I was folding up blankets and towels trying to get comfortable.Then I got this mat and it’s like doing yoga on a cloud!!It’s puffy and soft, but has a solid core so the support you need is there.It’s also huge! Which might be bad for going to a class but it’s great for being at home, and being able to fully stretch out and never run out of mat.It had a chemical smell right out of the box, but I just let it sit out for a day and that faded.

  10. This mat is super thick and comfy. Also extra wide. Very happy with the value and price!

  11. My first review ever! Super wide which is really nice so that you don’t have any limbs sliding off in different positions ( I don’t like the shock of our cold terrazzo when an arm or leg is extended) and very comfortable and cushy for those long pose holds on your knees when a regular thin mat just doesn’t cut it. The mat squeaks alittle when you are rearranging yourself and since it’s so wide make sure you have additional room in whichever place you do your practice. I love the pink color and the carrying case is great since it’s breathable! All in all, a great purchase!

  12. Really comfortable. Pretty color. Very wide. My husband is jealous. His mat is the small (regular sized) black one in the photo.

  13. So far this is my favorite mat ever purchased. It is bigger than I realized it would be (which I actually like) and the thickness of the mat is perfect for me. Unlike my last one, this one stays in place…doesn’t slip slide around on the floor nor do I slide around on it! The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 star rating is because I haven’t had it long enough to find out just how durable it is (though it seems far more durable than my last one which ripped up so easily it had holes in it before I could find another mat I wanted).

  14. I decided to try yoga to combat the stagnation that comes from being trapped at home. My first mat was super thin and really hurt my wrists, this mat has a lot more support and is larger, making mandala yoga a lot easier, too! I was really pleased that I was able to find an eco-conscious mat that wasn’t a million dollars and still provided enough padding and stickiness to keep my flow on track! My only complaint is that the mat can be tough to roll up tightly, and that when you lay it out, it still has a bit of a curl-but if you leave it for a minute, the curl settles out

  15. I’ve had this for 24hrs and it’s been one of my favorite purchases! I was worried it wouldn’t be thick enough but even on my hard wooden floors this yoga mat is wonderful. I should have unrolled both sides with just setting 5lbs weights on them for about 6hrs (one side has a fold because I tried a different, more harsh method to unravel, clearly it was unnecessary). I was nervous to buy this, I’m so glad I did!

  16. After about 10 yoga sessions I can honestly say that I really like this yoga mat. I have always used a mat that was extra cushioning. I was worried that this was going to be too hard but I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be a good mix between cushioned and firmness. My old yoga mat used to stretch way too much when I was in downward-facing dog. This one does not stretch which is a very good thing. One of its best attributes is that it is really grippy both to the floor and to my feet and hands. I chose the gray and black one and it is quite handsome. It comes with a bag and a strap. The bag has mesh sides to help it dry and not create mildew. The mat’s material does have a slight odor when brand new but it’s not too much and I didn’t find it irritating. It subsides within a few days. It’s not a huge deal but if I had one a slight complaint is that the mat’s grippiness makes it hard to get the mat back into the bag due to the material they chose for the bag. I used it at home so I just leave rolled in a basket so it’s not an issue for me but if you want to take it out to yoga sessions and you try to get it back in the bag you will remember me. Luckily, they also provide an elastic strap which is plenty to carry it around and seems to be the preferred method of most yogi’s. ….or maybe your yoga session will provide you with enough patience to get it back in the bag without frustration. 😉 This is definitely not a deal-breaker since the mat is such a good quality for the price and it’s grippiness is a great thing. If you are considering this one, buy it, you won’t regret it. If you are new to yoga I really recommend the “Yoga With Adrienne” channel on YouTube and start with a 30-day “Home” series. She is amazing. I never thought I would do yoga since I could barely tie my shoes without pain and she has helped me immensely.

  17. This is such a great exercise mat! Like amazing! It’s super durable (I even tried to rip it just to make sure it had the same durability as advertised, rest assured it does), and I am just so in love with the color (I got matcha).The only thing is that because its amazingly grippy on both sides, make sure you wear grippy socks or your sneakers. Since I live an apartment, don’t wear shoes in any living space (because of how I was raised), and just can’t seem to find my grippy socks, I’ve experienced some sort of chafing on my toes with and without wearing socks. And it kind of burns once I’m done working out. Not sensational burning but the type of burning when you can feel it, but not to the point that it hurts (but this kind of depends on your pain tolerance, and mine is pretty high). But as long as you try to minimize the friction between the mat and your precious toes like I did, you should be fine, even if it does slightly affect the efficiency of your workout.So all in all, amazing, amazing workout mat. Don’t hesitate at all just buy it! Even if there seem to be similar ones on amazon for a lower price (rip-offs in my opinion) just know that you’re paying for the quality and durability of the product.And before I forget, when I put 5 stars it’s only for the mat itself. The carrying bag is just okay. And I understand this because the company probably spent tons of money on perfecting their mat and didn’t have much left to spend on manufacturing the carrying bags. Because of this my bag ripped along where the mesh like material and the bottom of the bag meet on my third day of using it, mind you they were three consecutive days. As long as you are extremely, EXTREMELY careful with putting the mat into the bag you should be fine.Anyways, the bag doesn’t really matter right? It’s the mat you’re really buying so go ahead and get this one.update: so it’s been about a month and a half of me using this mat, and the top of the bag has completely frayed which has rendered the drawstring ability of the bag useless, and unusable for that matter. I’ve attached a photo as well. Given all of this, you might want to get a better quality bag if you plan on transporting the mat often.

  18. I use my mat for HIIT training, this mat is really good for not slipping like my previous mat did but if jumping on it will move slightly, but not a safety issue.I loved how well packaged the product was and it has its only storage/carrier case.When I first unfolded one end slightly raised but just rolled it the other way and left for a day and it was fine laid flat on the floor.Highly recommend this mat really comfortable to do sit ups etc on although not super thick.

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