About Us


When I awoke I didn't know who I was, where I was going or what I wanted to be let alone 'how' to get there

or how long it was going to take. All I knew was that I had to get there and Make something of myself, my life. You see people in movies or in


environment, the 'unlucky' ones and you say to yourself, "I will never be that person, that's not me."

Not knowing that 90% of the reason they

are the way they are was because they did not know what they wanted to be in life.

In college the big thing was 'declaring' yourself and finding a major but so many of us were undecided. Outside of school we had to go to work

early in life to support

ourselves and our families detouring our focus from who we wanted to be. Some of us understood, maybe because our

parents forced us or because we just knew what we wanted and how to get it. That gave us a head start on this journey of self discovery and

eventually to self mastery.

It was made clear from the first desire of wanting that money is a necessity for living. it can

be easy getting into the cycle of working in jobs that you don't won't to be in for a particular way of life.

Even hustling with no clear goal in

mind of the person you want to be. That is where 'Defined Creations' comes in, I realized the freedom of 'knowing".

When you "know" who you want to be, where you want to go, it gives you a confidence and a certainty

that some might mistake as cocky

but we are not cocky we just "know". We are sure. Even if we are on our journey late in life or have been doing it for some

time, we are 'defined' and our 'creation' is what we choose it to be.

Be it our minds, our bodies, our careers or our majors. We know exactly

what we want, how to get it and are on our paths. The path to become what WE want to be, the Ideal version of our best


  As the Sun rises (the dawn) as seen on our logo so do we. We wear this brand to remind you and to remind ourselves of our goals and

the focus we put into achieving those goals.


Create your life. Be Defined. I am Defined. Defined Creation.   



My Bio



If you are anything like me you reach a point in your life where you have no idea where your going or who you are, mine was in college. I was

a student athlete, an “Undeclared” student athlete. I thought I would have time, that something would ‘come up’. As

an athlete whether a mental or physical one you are taught early on that only a few of us really make it. I was one of the ones that didn’t. I

could not understand why but the answer was simple, I had no plan. I assumed it would just happen and my skills would

take care of the rest. Once I realized a plan was needed I began to write. The more I wrote the clearer who I was and where I was going

became. I was defining myself. I was creating the person I wanted to be and who I innately was; on paper.

Now all I needed was to put my plan into action. As I am sure you already know that with any goal there are obstacles, roadblocks and

detours. Staying on track was my main focus. I learned through audio books that daily affirmations were the ticket. So I

scribbled words on paper and plastered them to my bedroom walls and mirrors. I was unhappy, I needed more. My goals were special and I

wanted to remind myself of them and my focus with a unwavering passion. While creating this version of myself and

defining his who he was I realized that I was literally becoming a ‘Defined Creation’! All I needed was a symbol, something that represented

what I stood for. I entrusted in a team which produced our famous ‘Rising Sun’ or to some ‘The Dawn’ logo. In which I

completely adore. Now, every time I see this logo I am reminded of my goals past and present. With that dear reader, I want you wear our

Brand with the mind set of knowing; knowing who you are and where you are going and let that confidence guide you in

becoming the best version of you ideal selves!


Be Defined. Create Your Life.