Which google pixel is best?

Which google pixel is best?

Posted by Devon Keene on Oct 19th 2020

Which google pixel is best?

Looking for the best google pixel phone? It is great to know everything about it. Which Google Pixel is best? The Google Pixel series have their fair numbers of differences and similarities, but these share the same objective of offering amazing value to those who want to buy it on a budget. This series of pixels 3, 4, and 5 has been launched with a variety of features and specifications. For the users, it is hard to decide which the best is. However, they are looking for a new version every year. Every new item comes with new specifications and grabs the attention of the majority of the users.

Which Google Pixel is best?

The latest one is the best and that is the high-end Pixel 4a. It is powerful and more budget-friendly as compared to the older device Pixel 3. It is a market leader in the smartphone industry. This device is ideal for a wonderful appearance and many other specs. Yes, it is considered a luxurious device and has a great demand for being handy. No doubt, its crystal-clear sound quality, screenplay, HD quality images, high-resolution, and many more are the features that can be the reason for its fame.

It is compatible with GPS, headphones, Bluetooth 5.1, NFC, Wi-Fi 5, eSIM, LTE, and others. With 6GB RAM it offers a wonderful day-to-day performance. Due to the smooth operation, there is a great demand for it. Switching between unlocking the phone, loading images, apps, and other bits, it is great for its performance.


Is Pixel 4a water-resistant? It lacks wireless charging and waterproofing but it nails the important traits. The plastic case of pixel 4a is rugged and this factor makes it water-resistant. Moreover, its sleek and smart appearance makes it a beautiful smartphone. You will love to hold this device in your hands because of its lightweight. There is no chance that you will drop it by mistake because it is not a heavy-weight item. However, it is a heavy-duty item. The durable plastic does not catch any scratch and there will be no harm to its beauty. It means this is a scratch-resistant product.


Which Google Pixel is best? Do you want to ask this question in the presence of Pixel 4a? You do not need to ask this question because its features have made it a dynamic device for you. With 8Mp selfie and 12.2 MP rear camera, this device is the best. The camera quality is the best because it offers a lot. Still, it reaches the equity level to the camera range of other famous devices.


For the objective of the storage option, you will find sky-scraping storage in this device because it offers about 128 GB storage. Users can run the App store plus on the device.


Which Google Pixel is best? Yes, everyone wants to know the answer to this question. Pixel 4 is the ultimate answer because it comes with long battery life so that you can use it for a long time outside without any hassle of charging. No doubt, this is the best device for your use.

Image: The Verge, Computerworld