Men's Heat Trapping Zipper Sweat Enhancing Vest

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Kewlioo Men's Heat Trapping Zipper Sweat Enhancing Vest(Black, S/M) B088BY2H7F

Brand: Kewlioo

Color: Black


  • ✅ FITS SNUG & TIGHT: This vest generally runs true to size - if you're BIGGER / TALLER however or want some extra room WE RECOMMEND PICKING 1 SIZE UP.
  • ✅ THE SWEAT IS REAL: Provides a hot-sauna like experience including many of the same scientifically proven health benefits. (Increased calorie burning, detoxification, improved immune system, enhanced blood flow, faster warm-up & recovery times, greater release of endorphins etc.)
  • ✅ EASY TO PUT ON & OFF: High quality zipper allows you to put it on or take it off EASILY. Exceptionally FLEXIBLE and versatile: featuring a tank top style you can choose to wear it hidden underneath your clothes of you wish.
  • ✅ MAKE EVERY WORKOUT COUNT: Ultra-Thin yet EXTREMELY effective fabric that's breathable, comfortable and super quick-to dry. Make the most out of ANY physical activity. This vest wont add any bulkiness to your workout outfit.
  • ✅ WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS: Made to last from high quality materials and fully machine washable for easy cleaning, our ultra-advanced polyurethane inner layer preserves heat and yet allows the vest to be washed. Features an anti-roll silicone lining so it stays in place with every movement. All products purchased from Kewlioo are protected by by our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE and can be easily returned or exchanged

Details: This Polymer Zipper Sweat Vest for men TRAPS THE HEAT around your core and enhances natural perspiration 3x times more than normal gym clothing. Boost metabolism, enhance calorie burning, get rid of toxins and make every workout more satisfying. This vest was carefully designed to help you smash your fitness goals FAST. Our all new Polymer Zipper Sauna Vest is made from ultra-advanced spandex and polymer fabrics that turn up the heat IMMEDIATELY and get you on the fast-track to your best body.